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NMAA - Supporting unity in Natural Medicine

How can you can support NMAA and Natural Medicine

NMAA is uniting the natural medicine sector so that it can better respond to the challenges we all face.

We are encouraging practitioners of all modalities who want to be part of this movement for positive change to become members, spread the word and volunteer.

Become a member

As an NMAA member you will be kept up to date with the latest news and activities affecting the natural medicine sector.

NMAA members receive:

  • monthly email newsletter and media alerts

  • listing in the online NMAA practitioner register

  • notification of events and issues concerning our members.

Membership is currently free.

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Social Media

Positive change can only happen with active and engaged practitioners, consumers and associations.  

Help us spread the word by:


These badges and banners have been created for members to show their support for the NMAA message of unity in natural medicine.

Please select any of our support badges and add them to on social media or your website and email footers with a link to the NMAA website.


Join the movement!

You can join the movement by signing petitions, helping at events, or behind the scenes. If you would like to volunteer, please e-mail NMAA - Admin.


Being a partner of NMAA does not have any financial ties. It does offer both parties endorsement and support for respective activities. This will translate into campaign promotion via various channels such as social media or website events page (hyperlink and determine where it would be).

For an application and conditions of partnership please contact us


Sponsorship is welcome as long as it is free from political ties. For details, please please contact us

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Support banner for NMAA


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Support Badges

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I support unity in Natural Medicine


I support unity in Natural Medicine


I support unity in Natural Medicine


I support unity in Natural Medicine


I support unity in Natural Medicine


I support unity in Natural Medicine

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