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Co-Regulation and NMAA Practitioner Requirements

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The NMAA is currently developing professional guidelines for Natural Therapies to work and align with Preventative, Restorative & Regenerative healthcare; in 'parallel' with the Medical Model toward maintaining the health & wellness of Australians into the future.

To successfully practice under the guidelines of Co-regulation and NMAA, specific rules and regulation apply, which are listed below as practitioner guidelines and requirements.

Practitioner Guidelines and Requirements

Bridging Guidelines for accredited Natural Therapy Practitioners 

Practitioner to abide by the Code of Ethics and Conduct

Practitioners to display code and other information 

  1. Practitioners must display a copy of each of the following documents at all premises where the health practitioner carries on his or her practice, as well as on a practitioners website:
    (a) above mentioned code of ethics and conduct,
    (b) a document that gives information about the way in which clients may make a complaint to the Health Care Complaints Commission, being a document in a form approved by the Director General

  2. Copies of those documents must be displayed in a position and manner that makes them easily visible to clients entering the relevant premises. 

Practitioners to present prove of Credentials and Accreditations.

  1. Copies of qualification. - eg; Diplomas which you like to be listed for.

  2. Copies of Memberships in recognised Associations.  

Prevention under co-regulation stands for 5 types of Active Prevention:

  1. Prevention for health issues that are inherited, genetic or consisting of specific weaknesses.

  2. Prevention of contracting 'LIFESTYLE DISEASES', by living a healthy lifestyle AND by overcoming an already diagnosed LIFESTYLE DISEASE.

  3. Prevention of suspected health conditions, where 'NO medical diagnosis could be established', therefore the medical Doctor is not prescribing a treatment. Therefore prevention will assure that the suspected issue is less likely to develop.

  4. Prevention of "medical diagnosed health issue" from getting worse, while supporting general health and well being to be able to overcome that health condition.

  5. Prevention of Chronic Diseases from becoming worse ...  


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