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Adelaide Event: Protect your future in Natural Medicine.

SA's Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner (HCSCC), John Mattner,SA's Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner (HCSCC), John Mattner, discusses his role as the officer in charge of SA's complaints;

  • what unregistered health practitioners can and cannot say,

  • what advertising they can do, what type of practitioners will be covered under the SA and National code,

  • anecdotal cases they are currently investigating.

Mattner, a Lawyer and ex police officer also discussed the national roll out of the HCCC in each state becoming an extension of the recent Victorian legislated code which is very strict, has Medical advisors that are not independant and will look at vexatious complaints also.

Practitioners were concerned about the level of power HCCC roll out will entail and we're interested to know more about the National Roll out which had not been formulated in agreeance with all states at this stage.

Thankyou John Mattner for your valuable and informative presentation.










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